Monday, June 30, 2008

Now I Get It

As I mentioned in my previous post, I finally made good on my promise to actually create some stamped pieces. Annnd... now I know why avid stampers build up giant stashes of paper, inks and decorative doo-dads, not to mention those fancy tools that cut out perfect shapes and emboss patterns.

Back when the Doodle Factory was with, I asked Andrea to send me a start-up stamping kit in exchange for my last set of drawings she manufactured [the winter and valentine sets]. She very generously sent me all of these awesome ink pads and lovely papers and various other goodies. Of course it's taken me nearly 9 months to really crack into these and I'm now thinking "hm, I think I need to go out and buy some brads and whatever that cuttlebug thing people always talk about, and a bunch of plain sheets of colored papers..." I can see where this hobby can get a girl into trouble! The wish lists never end.

I made do with what I had (which I'm lucky and grateful for, don't get me wrong!), but at the back of my head I found myself debating whether I should get out of my pajamas and head to the art store for more supplies [yeah I stayed in my PJs till 4pm on Sunday while I made cards]. That's how this disease starts...

So here is another card I made this weekend featuring Blip and Bloop from the Urban Set and the great big "CONGRATS" text from one of Tracey's new sentiment sheets. A few months ago I was walking around downtown and wandered into a hole-in-the wall used bookstore. The shop was tiny and dusty and I felt guilty about walking out without purchasing anything, so I picked up an aged periodical called "The Philistine". There was a box full of these 4x5 booklets which appeared to be a monthly circular geared toward intellectuals in the early 1900s. The "sermons" are rather boring, but they're sandwiched between 20-30 pages of great old advertisements. I'm still working on my collage technique, but I think they make interesting and sometimes humorous background material. You'll see more of the Philistine pages in some of my upcoming cards.


  1. www.starvingartistamps.com8:10 AM

    before you go running out and buying a whole bunch of stuff.. give me a list of whats you love, we probably have a good bunch of it and if not im sure one of my distributors will.

  2. OMG - LMAO over the sausage card!!! Hilarious. And yes, you MUST have a cuttlebug - it is an addiction all on its own. I actually went all crazy and accidentally bought multiples of some of the folders, so if you get one, let me know - I'll send you my dupes. Those Philistine collage pieces are incredible. Before I hit the PJ's tomorrow for a serious stamp fest I'm totally going to have to go to Half Price Books!!! Great cards!!!!