Thursday, June 19, 2008

Talent from Abroad

Hey, did you know that google has this incredible translate feature that will translate blocks of text from one language to another, OR it will even translate an entire website or blog without years of foreign language lessons!

Anyway, I've been giving the google translator a workout lately since Tracey started sharing the work of her Swedish customers in the company gallery. I am quite smitten with the Swedish style of stamping - they make it look like so much fun! If it's okay I'd like to share some of their cards to brighten up this blog and to give me some inspiration to make my own cards some day. Actually, if I had my way I'd post ALL the cards that I get a kick out of made by the awesome design team and customers alike, but then this blog would just be the second coming of the SAS gallery :)
Without further ado, check out these cards AND Blogs by the talented swedish division:



(I love the peek-a-boo window this one has)

Eva A./muffin:


  1. Oooops, there has been a little mixup. The card with the bee in the flower that says "hej" is actually made by Nina, I just posted it on my blog. She deserves the credit for it.... Thanks for posting them anyway. Feel free to use any of the cards on my blog if you want. Love your stamps...=o)

  2. eek! Sorry! I swapped out the image - hopefully fixed now :)

  3. No harm done!! :) Tracey actually made the same mistake in the SAS blog once. *smile*

    Do I have to say I LOVE your stamps? Your style is by far the most awesome I've seen on the world stamp market. Please don't ever EVER stop drawing those crazy cute chaps! Promise? ;)

    I'm sooo looking forward to getting the new fab tropics set - it's going to be so much fun to play with!


  4. Hi!
    I just want to say that your stamps are soooo lovely.

  5. Those swedish girls are so fabulous! PS - I LOVE your work so much!!!!! It's such a freaking joy to be on the DT and use your images. I giggle uncontrollably at Yapples and Moki every time I lay eyes on them.


  6. Hi! Your stamps are awesome! Nina, the talented cardmaker and stamp designer asked me to mail my creations with Pip & Oggy to you. I would if I had your email address. Otherwise you can see them on my blog