Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Blast from the Past

For those who don't know, I only moonlight as a Doodle Factory illustrator while my actual day job is a Graphics Manager position for a certain music conglomeration. I like my job because it has a good balance of office-drudgery with a good amount of creative work. I think if I were designing for other people 100% of the time, I'd start to hate it. Drawing the Doodle Factory sets this year has its own great balance of creative freedom combined with Tracey's ideas which push me in new directions.

Back in the day when I had copious amounts of free time, I used to blog rather frequently on another site, mostly posting random doodles and silly musings. It seemed I used to have more energy for creative pursuits when my job was 100% boring. Here are a couple of OLD projects I used to create for myself:

2004 "Found Creatures"
I made a bunch of hand-drawn ATC sized cards and left them around New York City, with a website for people to report back when they found them. I only got so far with this idea before my hands started to cramp from all that drawing. I've since let the website fold into oblivion:

2005 Creature Companion Compendium (CCC)

Here I decided to pair creature drawings with real-life personal ads. The two above were my contributions before I curated a bunch of online friends to submit their own creatures. (That's Frozey before she was Frozey!) I then color copied everything and made hand-bound booklets for all the contributors.

2006 Monster Project

Again I enlisted the aid of my online friends in a collaboration effort. They supplied me with their ideas for monsters, and I drew them out. Here's this one's description:

A monster lives in my basement. He looks kind of like a big ball of lint, with huge round eyes that glow in the shadows. I don't think he has teeth. He seems to coexist peacefully with my cats. Maybe he bribes them with catnip. His job is to make things go bump in the night, and also to turn on all the lights while we are asleep so that the bulbs burn out extra fast. Then he likes to move things around so you hit them when it's all dark. He lives on cotton. Or so I gather from the copious number of cotton socks that go missing from the dryer. Apparently pink is his favorite flavor

I think I lost most of 2007 to the effort of saving my apartment building from demolition (We "won" and had it declared a historical monument, but I still had to move out).

Which brings us to 2008 - the apparent Year of the Doodle Factory. I think this project has been the biggest and best yet. Hopefully there will be more to come!


  1. how cool! I was wondering if you had a job other than DF illustrator extraordinaire! I LOVE these little ATC's! I wish I had one! They are so awesome! I look forward to your new artwork with bated breath

  2. Gunilla|uniquelyme4:40 PM

    Those are awesome! Would have loved to be part of the exclusive gang that got the ATCs

  3. Oh, they are sooooo gorgeous! I so wish I could draw.. but the next best thing is to get to use images drawn by you :).

  4. WOW! what a collection! Of course if it was up to me, we would be making all of them into stamps! (hint, hint)

  5. Thanks for sharing! Love those ATC's and your super cute monsters and creatures!
    And you know - with your talent, this is only the beginning...

  6. will you be releasing a new Halloween set? Or should I just buy the "old" one?

  7. For a while I thought they were a taror deck and I though to myself "Oh! I need to leard that stuff, because THAT's a deck I WANT!" - but I was (as is often the case) wrong.

    They're still darling though! :D