Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Swines Before Equines

Here are the last couple of cards from my card-making frenzy this weekend.

These cards feature more background papers from that old "Philistine" periodical I found in the used bookstore. When I saw the "sausage" ad, I couldn't help but make a Blox card. I have no idea who I'd ever give this to or for what occassion, but I need to practice my collage. I already think I need to add the post-fence from the Country set to finish this off.

This was the final card I finished and it may be one of my favorites for now. Sir Silimus on his steed, off to the rescue!


  1. Very cute cards for someone who isn't *that* in to card making!

    I just found your blog, and I had to stop in and tell you that I am absolutely IN LOVE with your stamps. They are SO SO fun! I just posted my latest creation with them on my blog, if you want to check it out.


    Keep making these stamps. I can't get enough!

  2. WOw, you're a great card maker too! Love your work!
    Not that it makes me surprised at all - since you're as artistic as you are.

    But beware...it's addictive! AND expensive!! *LOL*

    In the beginning I didn't understand why people would use rubber stamps (I used to draw and paint my cards by hand, all improvised, thinking that was more personal). Then I started designing stamps - and enjoyed seeing others using my creatures on cards... It was impressive how beautiful cards they made, so I had to try it myself - and now I'm totally hooked on stamping and card making. I'm almost spending more money on stamping supplies than on clothing nowadays! ;)

    Been playing with your gorgeous new set of Tropics tonight, enjoying it a lot! No cards ready yet, but I'll let you know when.
    I can reveal that I've painted Puck pink! Soo cute. :)


  3. Hi!
    Just "discovered" your wonderfull blog, and i've been in love with your stamps for some months now..
    I first orderd a few from each set.. but now im w8ing for most of the complete sets to land in on my doorstep! can't w8! :D
    The mexican mushrooms.. omg.. u need to turn them all into stamps!

    Tnx for the inspiration, and keep doodeling!!!


  4. petraso.blogspot.com3:17 AM

    Love your cards! And your stamps whey are soooooooooo Cute I have done some cards with them!!!

    Have a nice weekend!