Thursday, August 21, 2008

Popping In

We moved into our new apartment last weekend. You wouldn't believe how much work it is to move just 2 blocks!

I haven't set up the internet at my new place yet, nor have I unpacked any of my art supplies. We have so much left to do before our place is ready for the world, or at least outside visitors, but each night we chip away at the lengthy list of Things To Do.

Last night I tried to make dinner while my boyfriend put our wardrobes together. He succeeded in his task. I, on the other hand, managed to make the most incredibly inedible meal ever. It was supposed to be a simple meal of tuna steaks seared with a white wine sauce, but I pretty much failed on all levels. I am sentenced to study a bunch of recipe books and forbidden from improvising EVER.

Oh well, this is the Doodle Factory, not the Cooking Factory. I have nothing new to share, but have been reading through my favorite stamping blogs. Donna made this adorable card featuring Sneeq on the bicycle from The Great Outdoors set. I remembered that early in the drawing phase, I'd originally made the deer to fit on the bicycle, but the upright deer ended up being too weird even for The Doodle Factory. I'm glad Fern ended up looking the way she did in the final set because Nina made the most beautiful card with her, ever.

While looking for the early "Fern" prototype, I also found my initial drawings of Sneeq. Almost all of the characters had a bunch of make-overs before I settled on the final one. I don't know if this is normal or if I have some sort of OCD, but I like having a record of the evolution. I think my stamps have the signature of thick lines and googly eyes, but in a way I'm still trying to find "my style" with each set.


  1. LOL (literally) these prototypes cracked me up! I love Fern on the bicycle!! Oh and the sneeqs on the log are awesome - but I have to admit the ones you ended up illustrating are PERFECT!

  2. How cool is this!!??!!
    I love have a peek into your creative process!!

    I really love your images!

  3. OMG that Fern is great!!! =)

  4. I love the thick lined stamps. They are superb for embossing...and then I still get to color them in! Keep on showing us your creative processes...they are so fun to look at!

  5. Oh, I love to see your sketches - your way from prototypes to final image. Thanks for sharing! That Fern on the bike is so much fun, but I admit I like your final version of her more ;)

    ..and thank you for your kind words.. *happy*

    I've got about 5 unfinished DF-cards at home, hope I'll be able to lay the final touches on them next week.

  6. I completely know what you mean. I save all my sketches for some reason, even if they are never used. I think its the time I put into them, I can't stand the thought of throwing them out:-) Good luck with the move!

  7. Oh....I love seeing the prototypes!! I'm looking forward to getting my set!

  8. www.starvingartistamps.com4:18 PM

    I have to admit fern 1.0 is really growing on me. But I do like fern 2.0 a whole lot too!

    She looks pretty cool on the bike.

  9. I just saw your new stamps for Halloween on Donnas blog, they are FANTASTIC!