Monday, November 03, 2008

Coloring Outside of the lines

Last night I attempted to stamp while simultaneously watching a movie, which isn't that huge of a feat, unless of course the movie is subtitled. I thought I'd get my feet wet by coloring in a bunch of characters before placing them on any cards. Here they are hanging out in a stock photo catalog until I can figure out what to do with them.

I have a new respect for the coloring masters out there. Shading is still my weak point, but I also seem to have a problem with the ink running. I used an archival black ink to stamp, prisma color markers and thick watercolor paper - is there a trick to keep the outline from running into your colors?


  1. Yup there is a trick! ;)

    I prefer Palette (Noir) by Stewart Superior, and Memento by tsueinko (spelled something like that) for the ink. For paper I use Georgia Pacific cardstock from the office supply of Wal-Mart (or Sam's club).

    Watercolor paper *wicks* too much. And some permenant inks are solvent based--so the alcohol in the Prismacolor markers mixes with it.
    This link will give you tips (it is for Copic brand--but the principles are the same):

    I love what you have done here!!!
    I love your charaters--they CRACK me up!

  2. The trick is to use a water based stamp pad with alcohol based colors or vice versa.
    I use the ordinary VersaColor ink pad from Tsukineko with my Copic markers (wich also are alcohol based as your Prismacolor markers).

    Another litte tip is to use a white gelroller pen to make some highlights here and there, it just makes the image pop!

    Shadowing...Try using a cooler color for shadows (i.e. green - turquoise shadows, pink - lilac shadows), or simply use a cool grey shade for all purpose!


    Got a mail from Tracey today. Two of the cards I've sent her (with your doodle stamps on them, of course!) were stolen at the last stamp show she attended...isn't that crazy? Apparently your artwork combined with mine makes desirable stuff ;)


  3. Almost forgot - just as Juliana wrote: It's important to use a nonpourous paper with the alcoholic markers, somewhat glossy papers work best.

  4. www.starvingartistamps.com6:15 AM

    Its not anything you are doing, its mixing a solvent dye ink with alcohol that makes it bleed.

    I agree with Nina and Juliana's suggestions. I have most of the things you might want. We dont have any jelly roll pens but I do have cool grey copics, memento dye ink and Brilliance (fast dry pigment ink) I like the brilliance because the ink is thicker and it makes the lines darker but it does need a little more drying time than the memento does. From here the images look really nicely shaded!

    Nina is getting a kick out of how upset I am about my nina cards being stolen at the show. She doesnt know how much we treasure her cards. I didnt even get a chance to brag about them on the blog before they were taken from me. I plan to put up a post about the entire aweful experience shortly.

  5. Definitely agree with what has already been said - however, I also heat set my stamped images for extra security.

    Your images look great!! I have shadow issues too.. keep it up!

  6. I only ever color with prismacolor pencils, so I have no advice:-) Your characters are so adorable!

  7. They all look lovely! Snargle is adorable and Mimo is always one of my favorites.
    Guaco is a new favorite for me, I made a card with Guaco on it the other day but I can't post it before Saturday (it's for my niece's birthday).
    About your question, yes the numbers are ages and dates.

  8. Oh, my goodness! I read my story about the burglary with the translation that you use and it really cracks me up!! Most of it is ok and you obviously got the picture but some of it is really hilarious! It can very well be used as a pick-me-up on a bad day.
    Thanks for your kind words, Irene. How about a little sneak peak....the new set of stamps....;)

  9. I just wanted to tell you that the new christmas set is wonderful. I just love Coco ♥ You've done it again.