Monday, November 17, 2008

My First Blog Candy

Thanks so much for the positive response to my little DoodleFactory "poster" the other day. Several of you mentioned selling this as a print and I love the idea of people being able to color in the characters as they collect them. I'm not going to sell these quite yet, but I would like to offer an 11"x17" print to at least one lucky winner to be chosen at random next Monday, November 17.

Before I tell you the rules of how to enter, I have to confess that my poster is actually quite inaccurate because I FORGOT several of the characters. I'm going to rework the final to include everyone, but in the meantime, I'll turn my mistake into a way to win.


Leave a Comment in this entry with the name of one of the DoodleFactory characters missing from the original poster. [Only named characters, none of the accessories - if you need some help, you can always check out all the sets at]


Leave a comment in this entry with a link to your favorite card you've made using a DoodleFactory character.

Also, (not required), if you know of any DoodleFactory fans, send them this way!


  1. oooh, oooh, oooh I'd ADORE to have this print!!

    you forgot Tobias! he's my favorite Df animal.

    here is my favorite card I made using Numnum Numnum heart cupcakes

  2. I don't see any of the animals, but if I had to name one, I'd pick Squirt. He's just so cute.

    My favorite doodlefactory card I made is this halloween card, but it doesn't have a character on it. I love this onesie I stamped for my son though using Drake. I hope that counts!

  3. I am so glad you are giving this away!!!! Dabble!! Dabble is missing (I love the look on his little giraffe face!) and here is a link to one of my many favorite cards!

  4. I would *LOVE* *LOVE* *LOVE* to have this to frame in my scrapbook room!!!!!

    I show that all the Animal Doodles are MIA!! I can't believe I missed that the first time... I love Blox & Percy & Gus & Basel &... okay.

    My favorite card I've made would have to be: and wouldn't you know it uses some of the MIA Doodles? haha.

    Thanks a ton for the opportunity!!

  5. I can't find any of the animals. I especially miss Tobias.

    My favorite DF card is a weddingcard I made for my friends

  6. Wow, I gotta have this! You missed one of my favorite DF stamps Pip & Oggy, here is one of my favorite cards on which I used both sizes of that stamp.
    I'm mounting the Santa set right now...yummy!

  7. Oops I got so excited I forgot my link!!

  8. OooH! I must have this giveaway!!!! :D Your stamps are the best! I use them all the time! :D One of my favorite is ZOT! I need coffee NOW! Hehe!
    One of my favorite cards: here

    Thank you so much for the opportunity! :D

  9. OMG I NEED THIS!!! Pick me! Pick me! :)

    You left off the grace girls!!!

    The DF stamps are by far my favorite stamps. So I love all the cards I do with them! But here's a link to my favorite DF card:

  10. I think my favorite DoodleFactory card is my very first one I ever made here:

    I don't see Pip & Oggy in your poster.

  11. ooh...perhaps you could just get into the holiday spirit early and surprise a bunch of us! haha

    One card I like is: