Monday, November 24, 2008

Three Things

Today I have three completely unrelated things to share.

1. The [random] winner of my very first blog candy has been chosen and Rose Ann will be the recipient of the DoodleFactory Poster (now updated to include all the animals I forgot). Please send me a mailing address where you can accept a poster tube.

2. I had some momentum after I redesigned my blog and offered to make new banners for Tracey's Starving Artistamps blogs. Here's a peek, but you can also go directly to the company blog or gallery.


3. I love this animated video I found linked on one of my favorite illustrations blogs ( today. The song is right up my musical alley too:


  1. Congratulations Rosa!!!! and I love your new look !~

  2. OMgosh...this is the best news I've had in a very long time!!! Thank you so much!! Will e-mail you shortly.

    I totally LOVE the banners you made for the SA Blog and Gallery...and of course the store!! Fantastic!!

    Cool video too!

  3. Congratulations Rose ann. You lucky girl!!

  4. I love the new banner on the Starving Artistamps gallery, and I love your new banner, and I love the banners you been making for the new DF releases. Are you starting to notice a pattern here, LOL?

  5. Wow, those headers are FAB!
    Love the little video...and the music is totally my cup of tea, too!

    Only have one week left of work in Sweden now - only a single week until I can play with my new awesome Doodlefactory christmas stamps (my boyfriend phoned and told me they'd arrived)! *longing*
    Hope I'll be able to make some cute cards with them! ;)

    Take care, sweety!

  6. Just noticed the banner on the SA website...nicely done.

  7. 1. Congratulations, Rose Ann!
    2. Love the banner, it's awesome!
    3. This is great as well, it gives me ideas for about 1000 cards...
    4. Hop in to my place and se Yori, he is now the cutest Santa wannabe ever!