Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas is in 4 Days!?!

Just dropping by for a quick post before I head back to the assembly-line. I finally finished drawing the next DoodleFactory set yesterday which means I had time to settle into some Christmas card making.

Ever since I saw Leigh O'Brien's non-traditional santa card, I knew I had to make a differently-colored santa of my own.

Mike will kill me when he realizes I posted this photo of him. You can't even see his face, but he's worried he might get kicked out of the fine-arts world if he's caught coloring cartoons, or something. But who can resist this fun, plus he's a much better shader than I am, anyway. That mess on the table is all me, though. Thanks to Tracey, I now have a million new craft supplies and gadgets which all seem to explode all over the place when I'm working. Are you people very tidy when you're making stuff, because I need some help in that area. I should probably start by working at an actual desk instead of the coffee table, but I can't help myself.

Anyway, here's my first card from the batch. I have several more to go, so I better get back to work. Santa of course is from the Sweet Shoppe set. Dee sent me the ribbon, and overall, I'd say my influence is heavily drawn from my card-making hero, Nina.


  1. I love the colors!! a new set...yay! can't wait!!!!

  2. this is AWESOME, Irene! My DH and I love your card (and I love the fact that Mike is helping you, how sweet!) oh and the non-traditional colored Santa is fabulous. and I LOVE the vintage looking snowman!!!

  3. LOL, your table looks just about right to me!

    Great Card! And you can see you are really mastering the copics now!

  4. Great cards!
    Can´t wait to see the new set!!

  5. Oh....I can't wait to see the new set!! Woo hoo!! Your card is so wonderful, and I love the pic of Mike coloring your adorable Santas!

    My area is always a!

  6. What a lovely card, Irene!! ..and thanks for mentioning me.. *blushing*

    I'm sooo happy there's another DF set on its way! YEY!!

    Cute cute Mike! Hehe, my boyfriend doesn't want to be shown on my blog either - he thinks that it'll ruin his image.. :P

    Creative chaos is my cup of tea, it's impossible to try to having some kind of order with all of those deco's and stuff. I'll always clean up the area afterwards though, 'cause I believe inspiration comes easier to me with a clean desk ;)

    Sorry I haven't answered until now, but yes you can use the same address to me in Denmark - 'cause my dear BF will still be living in Copenhagen, while I'll be off working at the little island of Bornholm. Haven't recieved my new address yet.

    Wish you a Very Merry and Cozy Christmas, and a Happy New '09!