Friday, April 25, 2008

One of These Days

One of these days, I'm going to actually make something with my stamps, but in the meantime I cannot bring myself to cut up my sample sheets. Before I got into making illustrations for stamps, it never even occured to me that stamps were available in any other form than mounted on a wooden block. The fact that my samples come on perfectly unmarred sheets makes me want to keep them in their plastic cases forever, or hang them on my wall or something.

For now I'm just getting a kick out of seeing what other people do with the Doodle Factory guys. I admit it, I'm a stamping narcissist and I can't wait till the fairy tale guys start popping up around the blogosphere.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mexican Mushrooms

Here's a corner of my meeting notes [from the day job] from a month ago. I knew I would be drawing mushrooms for the fairy tale set so I had mushrooms on my mind that day.

Lest you think I'm a total slacker at work, 90% of this meeting doesn't pertain to my particular job, and I suffer from Irrepressible Doodle Syndrome. It's a disease, really.

Anyway, I couldn't work these crazy characters into the fairy tale set, but I like them anyway.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

From First To Last

The Fairy Tale set is the third themed set I've created since moving to StarvingArtistamps earlier this year. There's always a sense of accomplishment when I finish the last drawing and get to send it to Tracey, but with this set, I was also filled with *relief* moreso than the others.

You know how some Mothers like to tell their tales of the 17-hour labor they endured in childbirth? Well I'm not a mother and this isn't exactly the same thing, but if I were to make a comparison, Doegy would be my 17-hour labor (of love!) because for the longest time he just did not want to come out! If anyone was waiting with baited breath for the newest set to release, you can blame Doegy for slowing everything down. He was the first and the worst (purely in terms of how long it took me to finalize what he should look like). Here's a mess of Doegy sketches I scanned, and these aren't even the half of it. Drake makes an appearance too, but he arrived with little hassle and only a few variations.

I don't hold it against the "little" guy though. The expression I kept drawing for him in the earlier drawings was filled with apprehension and fear. I kept imagining him losing a baloon and being devastated that he couldn't fly after it. The final Doegy is much more of an optimist than a pessimist. He may have lost his baloon, but doggone it, he can still do something about it! Perhaps Earwick the Wise will help.

As it would happen, Doegy was the first to be drawn on this set, and the wizard Earwick was the last. He required only a few sketches and didn't give me any trouble at all. Seems only fitting that with age, comes wisdom.

One final tidbit I'd like to share involves names. Both were inspired by my boyfriend Michael's father, who is the kindliest man I've known. I think he even looks a little like Earwick, minus the beard, but my boyfriend doesn't see the resemblance.

Anyway, "Doegy" (pronounced Doh-Gee long and slow) is how Michael's Dad calls his dog when its time for a walk, except in rapid succession like "here doegy doegy doegy..." I guess you had to be there, but Doegy the Dragon looks to me like a loyal companion, not unlike a dog and I thought the name would fit him just fine.

When it came to naming the Wizard, I turned to Michael for help. He immediately responded "Earwick!.....The Wise" I asked him where he came up with the name and he told the story of how his family was sitting around thinking of names for his then unborn nephew. They all went around the room and when they asked Michael's father what he thought, he bellowed "Earwick!"

They all looked at him incredulously. It took a moment for someone to realize he'd swiped the idea from an AirWick air freshener mounted on the wall and everyone erupted in laughter. Earwick/Airwick may not be the best choice for a baby name, but I think it suits our wizard just fine!