Monday, June 30, 2008

Now I Get It

As I mentioned in my previous post, I finally made good on my promise to actually create some stamped pieces. Annnd... now I know why avid stampers build up giant stashes of paper, inks and decorative doo-dads, not to mention those fancy tools that cut out perfect shapes and emboss patterns.

Back when the Doodle Factory was with, I asked Andrea to send me a start-up stamping kit in exchange for my last set of drawings she manufactured [the winter and valentine sets]. She very generously sent me all of these awesome ink pads and lovely papers and various other goodies. Of course it's taken me nearly 9 months to really crack into these and I'm now thinking "hm, I think I need to go out and buy some brads and whatever that cuttlebug thing people always talk about, and a bunch of plain sheets of colored papers..." I can see where this hobby can get a girl into trouble! The wish lists never end.

I made do with what I had (which I'm lucky and grateful for, don't get me wrong!), but at the back of my head I found myself debating whether I should get out of my pajamas and head to the art store for more supplies [yeah I stayed in my PJs till 4pm on Sunday while I made cards]. That's how this disease starts...

So here is another card I made this weekend featuring Blip and Bloop from the Urban Set and the great big "CONGRATS" text from one of Tracey's new sentiment sheets. A few months ago I was walking around downtown and wandered into a hole-in-the wall used bookstore. The shop was tiny and dusty and I felt guilty about walking out without purchasing anything, so I picked up an aged periodical called "The Philistine". There was a box full of these 4x5 booklets which appeared to be a monthly circular geared toward intellectuals in the early 1900s. The "sermons" are rather boring, but they're sandwiched between 20-30 pages of great old advertisements. I'm still working on my collage technique, but I think they make interesting and sometimes humorous background material. You'll see more of the Philistine pages in some of my upcoming cards.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cheeky Monkey is a Flying Pig

After months and months of saying I would, I've finally put ink to rubber to paper and created my very first, my very own Doodle Factory card*!

Yesterday my friend and I walked to the amazing public library in Downtown LA and borrowed a bunch of goodies. Since I was home alone last night, I popped in the "Freaks and Geeks" DVD and got to work on a card featuring that mischievous monkey from the Tropics set. After a quick eyelash implant, Moki became a "Mokette" or maybe a "Mokini".

Then I let the cats play with "her", and they made her mascara run. :(

Finally, I quit monkeying around (har har) and put together THIS card, which I already said I was going to make in an earlier post. Since I'm not used to cutting and pasting the MANUAL way (no command+Z!), I had a bit of a spacing issue and had to break the long fake hawaiian word into three short fake hawaiian words. Raise your hand if you have no clue what this card is saying.

This photo is a little disappointing. Somehow I think it looks better in person and I think its because you can't see all the magical sparkles. I even tried to take this close up, but magical sparkles don't want you to steal their essence and refuse to be photographed. Anyway, Tracey had sent me these WONDERFUL copic glitter pens from her shop and I had such a blast using them in conjunction with my old prismacolors. Who knew glitter could be so much fun?? Too bad you can't see the sparkle. Next time I'm scanning these :(

*I actually made more than one card, but who knows when this sort of lightning will strike again, so I'm going to drag out revealing these for at least a couple of posts. Stay Tuned!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Talent from Abroad

Hey, did you know that google has this incredible translate feature that will translate blocks of text from one language to another, OR it will even translate an entire website or blog without years of foreign language lessons!

Anyway, I've been giving the google translator a workout lately since Tracey started sharing the work of her Swedish customers in the company gallery. I am quite smitten with the Swedish style of stamping - they make it look like so much fun! If it's okay I'd like to share some of their cards to brighten up this blog and to give me some inspiration to make my own cards some day. Actually, if I had my way I'd post ALL the cards that I get a kick out of made by the awesome design team and customers alike, but then this blog would just be the second coming of the SAS gallery :)
Without further ado, check out these cards AND Blogs by the talented swedish division:



(I love the peek-a-boo window this one has)

Eva A./muffin:

Friday, June 13, 2008

Lucky Friday the 13th

I'm sure the one or two souls who might happen upon this blog already know, but the new Doodle Factory "TROPICS" set has been sent to the engraver and will be available to order at very soon!

I already have an idea for a card I want to do for that features Moki, the monkey (seen above). Tracey had the silly song Pumba sings from the Lion King whistling through her head when she first saw him, but all I could think of was the juvenile faux-hawaiian statement: Kamanawanalei'a (sound it out if you don't get it). I think my boyfriend would appreciate a card like that.

In other, irrelevant, Friday the 13th news: I've been named a "Star Performer" at my day job. It's supposedly a prestigious recognition - 13 people were nominated out of 700 for this award. Ah, a new set of stamps on the line and a gold star - It's good to be me today!