Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Thing About Me

One not-so-secret secret about me is that I tend to "misplace" things. A Lot. To the point where I'm convinced there are mischievous elves that follow me around for the sole purpose of hiding my stuff. But it probably goes back to my utter lack of organization.

This week I lost a lens cap (the second one I've lost already), and my practically-new book of postage stamps that Michael kindly bought for me. I'm very frustrated because I have no one to blame but myself. I also have things to mail, but now I can't!! Plus, my camera lens doesn't like being naked.


What are your bad habits that drive you mad?


  1. So you have little elves, perhaps that is what (or rather who) follows me around misplacing items around the house! Ahhhh, a wonderful excuse!

  2. I like to think they are little elves!!! My worst habit...probably that I fall asleep too easily on the sofa at night! Once I get home from work, after dinner I sit down to relax for a few minutes thinking..just a couple of minutes then I will get up, do the laundry, make some cards and the next thing I know... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz .. maybe there are sleep elves here...

  3. @ Lauri - Oh my! I'm the exact same way. I pretty much fall asleep on the couch on a nightly basis. Michael wakes me up and I stumble to bed a few hours late when he's ready to sleep (usually around 12-2 am). I am NOT a night owl.

  4. Believe me, you guys are not alone sleeping on your sofa...I'm right there with ya! I always think I'm going to watch a little bit of Letterman before I head upstairs, but here on the east coast, that's not until 11:35, so it's silly to even try.

    Yeah, and I procrastinate too, but I prefer to think that I'm just super efficient. I can do in 5 minutes what others take days to accomplish...cuz I have to...that's all the time I left myself, LOL!

  5. I got what you got, lack of organization. Add to that a vast array of hobbies and a limited attention span for anything I consider to be tedious.

  6. Oh my...where to I start? Lol! I would say the worse thing is being a major "pack rat". I have a hard time getting rid of anything I think that I might use "some day".

  7. My worst habit (which is a pretty recent incarnation) is avoiding and not returning phone calls and emails. I just get so overwhelmed and can't bring myself to do it. But yeah, I am with you on the falling asleep on the couch thing, too! And I pick at my cuticles. And I can't resist a cupcake. Okay, I have a lot of bad habits :) Luckily, none of them is illegal, though some days I wish they would just make cupcakes illegal, so I wouldn't be as tempted.

    Anyhow, I was just dropping in to tell you that I have a new favorite DF character. I don't know how I resisted coloring your little dragon Drake until now, but wow, I just did, and he totally came to life! He will be making his way to a card front very soon. My absolute favorite character yet!!! Thank you so much for creating him! :)

  8. haha...I thought you were describing me when I read your post. I am forever losing things and blaming it on a gnome or troll...or fairy...something. haha.

    Today I realized that I didn't know where 2 new supplies were...but luckily they were found in about 4 minutes. B/c...I have been known to stay up late...really late...2am late...LOOKING for something that was lost! (The last time it was a heart from the Valentine DF set...haha)

  9. I don't have any bad habit's. I'm totally perfect.
    NOT! ;)

    I'm really bad at keeping the contact with my friends. Guess it's partially because I have this job where I'm dealing with so many people in a day. Makes me feel socially full or something.

    Another bad habit I have, is that I always get mad or sad if I haven't slept enough or eaten enough....I'm such a baby! *LOL*