Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Remember when I said I was always losing things? Well, add to my list of terrible habits: a knack for zapping electronic devices. Over the years I've inexplicably killed many mechanical things (including two mac laptops!). I think it would help me understand my losses if I'd done something colossally stupid, like dropped it from a bridge, or left it in the microwave, but no...these pricey little pieces of metal go from perfect functioning order one day to THIS the next:

I swear it was just fine the last time I used it and I have no explanation for this digital mold that has infected my camera. Actually it looks like the LCD screen has a teeny crack where the disease originates, but I didn't even drop it recently (though I have dropped it several times in the past with no adverse effects)!


Luckily, I still have my digital rebel (currently sans-lens-cap), so I was able to take a photo of the card I made last night. Derek is a little boy who was in an accident and suffered 3rd Degree burns last month. Donna B had the story and the update (he is recovering well!) on her blog and offered some blog candy to those who sent Derek some get well cheer. I am late, as usual, but good thoughts are never out of season and I am mailing this card today:

It seems like a simple enough card, but it took me the entire duration of The Bachelor Finale and Post-Finale show to finish. I think that's about 32 hours, seriously more like 2...3? Why are those shows so long, and why did I even watch that train wreck? I only saw the last 5 episodes and I never understood why these girls were lining up to fall in love with that weenie.

Back to the card. I actually got my Easter Stamps (AND a generous supply of ribbon) from Tracey last night, but I thought Derek might like robots better than bunnies, and Bloop from the Urban Set seemed to have the perfect expression for an "owie" card.

If anyone else wants to send some get well cheer to Derek, they can contact Donna for the address, but there is also another need for RAK's (are they random if they're conscious - should it be CAK's?). Sadly there were several recent misfortunes in the lives of Donna's friends. Please read this post to see how your cards or good thoughts might help.


  1. I'm so sorry about your camera, Irene!! Your card is totally adorable, and is sure to cheer Derek up!!

  2. oh goodness - sorry about your camera! I LOVE your OWIE card and bet it will be the BEST one he gets!! Thank you for sharing & also about the blurb about Ylita & her family. I appreciate it.

  3. Oh, I'm sorry about your camera! AWESOME card, I love it!

  4. EEEK!!
    When I first saw this--I thought you were dabbling with new stamping techniques!! LOL!!

    You did a great job with the Easter Images--Irene!!

    AND that card--is just WAY too cute!!!

  5. WOW! This card is totally fantabulous! I love everything about it!

    The camera thing is annoying. Actually in a strange reverse coincidence, just a couple of months ago, I was carrying my laptop downstairs (open, because I didn't want a song I was playing on it to stop), and I had my camera on top of the keyboard. I went to set everything down, my camera smashed into my laptop screen, and it looked exactly like the screen of your camera. I was super bummed. It was a day after I got it back from Apple, who fixed a broken CD drive. So I sent it to this other company to fix the screen, and when I got it back, the CD drive was broken again. I give up! I've decided I don't need a CD drive ;)

  6. =/ that is EXACTLY what happened to my camera that I dropped last week. Only two feet down and it did that. Do you have any idea if it's fixable? I don't even know where to go for something like that.

    (but the card is absolutely adorable!!!!!!!!!!!)