Sunday, April 05, 2009

April Flowers

I apologize to anyone who's been waiting with bated breath for the release of the next set, especially since this entry isn't going to be a reveal. I can say the new stamps are completely rubberized and if you were in Allentown, PA for the Paper Arts Fair this weekend, you would have been one of the first to see them at the StarvingArtistamps booth. Tracey has been swamped with Show Season travel and prep, so you'll have to wait just a tiny bit longer until she can load them into the shop. The good news is, the next release is VERY close and once they're up, they'll be ready to ship immediately.

Onto something I CAN show you. I've had an insanely busy week at work, so it was nice to just sit and stamp on Saturday. It's been weeks since I've made a card and at first I just stared blankly at my supplies. I tried to look for a sketch to follow, but even that seemed overwhelming. Finally I decided to stamp "Bluebelle" from the Easter set since I've never used her before. The picture is a little fuzzy since my camera is out of commission and I had to use my scanner instead.

I guess I was feeling a bit Springy, because the next card I made featured more flowers (from the Valentines Remix set).

While I was working on these cards, I took advantage of the "Watch Instantly" feature on Netflix and was pleased to discover a follow-up to one of my favorite cancelled shows, "Dead Like Me". It was like a supersized episode five years after the end of the series. Enjoyable because it was unexpected and wrapped up some loose ends, but a bummer because of an unfortunate casting replacement and because the series is still cancelled. After that, I watched "Enchanted", and several episodes of a british tv sitcom, "The IT crowd". I also caught up on the Dollhouse series on That's about 8 straight hours of internet movies and tv. Yes, I am a very slow card-maker.

I know a lot of my friends already know about this one, but if you haven't already entered for your chance to win 72 COPIC MARKERS, head over to and throw your name in the basket!


  1. Gorgeous cards - the colouring is fantastic!! :D

    Looking forward to the new stamps, but I've been swamped too, so haven't had that much time for play lately. Have some time planned for fun now, though. ;)

    Take care!
    xx / Jeanette

  2. StarvingArtistamps7:04 AM

    Ohh thanks for the heads up on the dead like me!! I am so excited to get some closure! That was a great show. What a shame it didn't do well.

    The new release will go up tonight.

  3. beautiful colors, they remind me of alice in wonderland, LOVE IT

  4. The flowers are adorable, and I love the way you've coloured them! Gorgeous cards, all together!

    About that easter stamp(bunny in an egg) - it's actually a old stamp, from one of my first collections for ..but thanks for your comment - it really made my day! :)

  5. Wow....both of your cards are amazing, and your coloring is fantastic as well!! You are SO talented!!