Sunday, April 19, 2009

Momma Said...Just Breathe...

Dear Neglected Blog,

I finally have something to post on you. My day job has been keeping me busy and for the past few weeks I've been feeling like the look on Crying Izzy's face. Yes, Momma warned there'd be days like this, but she didn't say there'd be entire months like this!

I won't complain too much because I am grateful to not only have a job, but to have one I really enjoy (not that I still can't feel overworked or stressed out).

The other day a memory surfaced from my high school english class. We'd turned in book reports the day prior and our teacher decided to read the opening paragraph of my essay out loud to the entire class. Before she began, she said: I'm reading you this piece not because it is the best, or even the most well-written, but because it is obvious how much this person enjoyed and appreciated the book. It was all true. I don't even remember the book, but I remember loving it more than I expected. My teacher's comment stuck with me all these years, partially because it was a bit of a back-handed compliment, but mostly because the underlying message was that if you do anything with genuine interest or love, then people will notice (even if you're not the best).

I feel that way a lot with my day job. I don't consider myself an exceptional designer, yet I get a lot of praise and compliments at work. Over time, my skills have and will continue to improve, but I think people like my work because I enjoy what I do and I always try to give the most that I can. The same can probably be said for the DoodleFactory.

The irony is that the more people notice, the more they want, which leads to feeling overwhelmed and no longer enjoying what I do. I need to get better at setting boundaries and developing enough space to keep everything in balance. This weekend I had plans to work on an extra project I've been assigned at work, but I gave myself a break instead.

I spent most of Saturday doing nothing on my list of things "to do", then decided that I really wanted to make things that didn't involve a computer or deadline or any rules. I never expected to become a "stamper", but I really enjoy the various supplies and processes involved. It also doesn't hurt that I now have a killer supply of papers, ribbons and flowers thanks to Tracey and a few of my stamping friends I've met since starting this hobby.

I made a handful of cards, but I'll leave the rest to share another day since this one says it all, for now.


  1. Your words made me think - and it's soooo true! If you do something you really love it will show, even if you're not necessarily the best!

    The card is sooo lovely - I saw the stamps in action this last Saturday as I went to a crop and met my friend Maria/Hattifnatt, who had won the entire set on Starving Artistamps blogcandy. That was so appropriate, since she's expecting her first baby this autumn! :D

    Take care!

  2. Oh, there you are! I agree - if you love what you do people will notice. Just be careful not to let people put too much pressure on you or you might stop loving what you do. Love your card, don't you think that card making is the BEST way to relax - I know I do!

  3. what a cute card! John totally liked it too (I was wondering what to do with the rocking horse when I started to work with it & decided to leave him alone-I like your idea best!) It's always a plus to enjoy what you do and I'm sure you are being somewhat humble when you say you may not be the best. When it comes to DF images well YOU ROCK! they are so unique and hats off to you for making PEOPLE so great! Really Love Ya!! hang in there!!

  4. Oh dear...maybe you need to stand up and dance a bit. Sounds like you are getting too philosophical!! haha :)

  5. I'm so sorry you're stressing lately. I so know that feeling. Take a few deep breaths and then scream. Loudly. :)

    I LOVE this card. It made me literally chuckle out loud :) Adorable.