Monday, April 06, 2009

Oh Baby, It's Here!

Here's the other card I made this weekend using Yoop from the DoodleFactory Easter set. If you have any questions about papers or accessories just let me know because I'm going to move right on to the next thing...

...At long last, HERE is the latest DoodleFactory release all racked up and ready to go at

Welcome to our new little neighborhood:

Here you'll find our new Mama Heidi and her cute baby Izzy:

And what town would be complete without a SuperHero or two to overlook the land. We've got a SuperMom and SuperDad ready to care for crying babies and towering piles of laundry. ( I need to make a stamp of that?)

There you have it. I hope this release was worth the wait. As always, you can try to win these stamps for free (there are even a bunch of sentiments in the batch!) Check out the company blog for details. If you want to buy them now, remember you can get 10% off by typing in savetenDF when you check out at


  1. Irene, these are SOOOOOOOO fabulous! My FAVORITE are the un-pregnant Heidi (perfect for so many uses!!!) and the crying Izzy! The neighborhood is also SO EXCITING!

    As soon as you said "pile of laundry" I was like "oh! I need a stamp of that!" LOL I guess you better not stop drawing anytime soon! Thanks for bringing some humans to the line! :)

  2. Oh, love the new stamps, too ; )

  3. Oh Irene, you've done it again (I'm not surprised)! I love all of them and I think the superparents can be very useful for many things! The new set is really great, but don't forget that I'm still waiting for Creatures II! ;) You are SOOO talented....*sigh*

  4. what a cute Yoop card (I recognize some of those supplies*wink) You outdid yourself again; I LOVE it all - esp the neighborhood, glad so many Izzy emotions and the superparents are awesome (SO going to use them to send to my sister & BIL)!!

  5. How about a pile of laundry and some dark circles to stamp under Heidi's eyes! Which copic color would that be?

    The baby is super cute as well as all the accessories. Nice job.

  6. Awe...your Yoop card is waaaay cute, Irene!! Fabulous!! You're looking like a seasoned stamper, girl!! ;)

    I can hardly wait to get my new stamps!! Love them all!! Now if I could only have more time to play with them. *sigh*