Friday, May 01, 2009

Living With A Split Personality

No, this isn't a sneak peek of the next DoodleFactory character, it's actually three existing characters morphed into one. I think it's pretty easy, but can you guess which ones?

I don't know why I made this little guy (to be clear it is NOT an upcoming stamp). I was just playing around with my digital files and I must have had the Wuzzles on the brain. Anyone else grow up watching that cartoon?


  1. Hahah when I first saw this, I was like "yay! She made a cat!" Then I was like "a cat in a diaper? That's weird even for Irene..." then I was like "Wait, that's no cat!" Duh.

    I see a challenge...take your existing DF guys and morph them in to a new creature? ;)

    Adorable. And yes, I LOVED the wuzzles.

  2. ha! I couldn't help but think this was another DF character - looks like it's Buttons, Izzy and Banjo! I never heard of the Wuzzles - maybe I'm too old for it!

  3. I love the wuzzles! Very fun idea

  4. That's funny! I agree with Donna, it must be Izzy, Buttons and Banjo in one weird character. I'm not sure we had the Wuzzles in Sweden. Or mayby I'm just too old. :)

  5. A baby bunny raccoon of course...