Friday, May 29, 2009

The Poop Palace

I just finished putting together these two litterbox disguisers. I spent several hours on this project, so bear with me while I use this entire post to discuss the dirty side of cat ownership.

Over the years I have spent a medium-sized fortune on the search for the perfect kitty litter & poopbox. My best efforts have been flummoxed by a certain cat, who will remain nameless Trouble, who has bested the LitterMaid, the Fresh Step Automatic Litterbox, and even the Litter Robot. I guess I just wasn't meant to have a magical self-cleaning litterbox. For a while the best solution was a giant rubbermaid container, but that was an eyesore and I eventually learned it wasn't the size of the box, it was the number that was leading to litterbox ambush and errant protest poops.

(this was the before:)

For anyone out there that uses pine litter (it's the only stuff I buy now), I absolutely recommend the Feline Pine Litter Box. You can't find it in pet stores, so just order two from the website and save yourself some shipping dollars. I'm digging these Cat Washrooms too. They're much better looking than the grey boxes, though the door could have been an inch higher to disguise the lip of the box a bit beter. Still, I think its a vast improvement. Sorry for the junky pics, but I'm pooped (Sorry, I told myself I wouldn't say that but I couldn't help it).


  1. Looking GOOD!! I have to show these to DH - he'll love them! :D

  2. These are awesome!! So much prettier than those plastic poop-traps - my kitty likes to make sand castles off the edge of his litter box, so I'd be the one half inside your lovely litter box disguiser with the dust pan sweeping out the bits... they look lovely though! :)