Monday, June 15, 2009

Lesson 2

It's too late to take good photos, but here's the next feltie I made. I pretty much stuck to the instructions without any embellishments. I think I have the general concepts down, and I just have to wait until the custom colored wool I ordered comes in before I start making my own designs. If anyone has any good sources for raw wool and felting supplies, please share!

I think the thing I like about felting is that it's so forgiving. You slowly build as you go, so it's hard to make reckless mistakes, but even if you do, it's easy to add or cut away the wool and fix it.

I probably should have filled this birdie's tummy with some catnip for Toby, but he seems to be having fun batting it around and trying to knock it off the coffee table without any added stimulants. Mike said it would be a shame to have spent all those hours needling this thing into existence only to have it destroyed, but I think I'm okay with it serving as a cat toy. I was never into chicks anyway :P.


  1. Adorable!!! now I want to get a felting book out of the library. Keep posting your projects.

  2. EEK! I am loving your felties!!! Can I put in an order for a frozey now? Pretty please? ;) I need one :)

  3. AHH!! this is SO cute! that's so cute your cat loves the chick!

  4. Adorable...your kitty and the feltie!