Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Today in L.A.

Mike and I were two of the 20,000 people who "won" tickets to the Michael Jackson Memorial today. I threw our names into the lottery on a whim, mostly because we live within walking distance of the Staples Center, but also because I have a knack for winning random things and was fairly convinced I'd get this. On Sunday, we both got rejection emails...but on Monday the Powers That Be changed their minds and decided to give me two tickets afterall.

There's so much media coverage and I'm sure you all can't get away from the memorial as it is, so I'll just say it was a touching ceremony and I'm glad we were there.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming! The long-awaited DoodleFactory reveal happens TOMORROW. You'll want to head to starvingartistamps.blogspot.com at 8am PST for the kick off of our 2nd ever blog hop. I haven't seen any of the design team's project so I'm just as anxious as anyone to see what's in store.


  1. Wow - that's amazing that you were able to attend - I've only seen a bit of the media blurbs, but it looked heartbreaking... On the other topic - can't wait to see your creations tomorrow!!

  2. I saw it in the media, it was very touching!

    I look forward to see the DoodleFactory reveal and the DT´s projects.

    #Karina, Denmark

  3. wow, what an honor! love the pics

  4. What an amazing and historic "event" for you to experience!