Sunday, August 16, 2009


It's been a while since I've made a card, but since it's such a rare occasion, I wanted to make it even more special by breaking out some new supplies I've never worked with before (namely embossing powders and my heat gun).

I should probably have read up on the best way to use these powders, but more often than not, I like to barrel in and pretend I know how to do everything sans instructions. This method has worked for me when setting up the DVD player, but apparently mistakes are messier when craft supplies are involved. One thing I learned is that I really DO need to remove all the excess powder before applying heat. And inking and applying powder needs to be very uniform. Anyone else got any other tips?

So, here's my card. I actually colored the cityscape months ago for a card that never got made. The other day when I was looking at the newest stamps, I thought the city would be the perfect backdrop for the T-Rex Durg to stomp around in (don't tell him he's not Godzilla).

I must get back to my craft (coffee) table. I'm going to attempt more embossing and another card using someone from the new Into the Woods set now.


  1. this is great! yea! I'm so glad you stamped!!!

  2. This card is wonderful! Love the dino - got to get him and those other cute new stamps of yours soon.

    About the embossing, I've got no good tips - just wanted to say that I'm just like you...trial and error is my way too!
    My latest learning-by-doing experience was from today. I've been looking at this interesting electric little plastic thingie with a button on it on my desk at work, wondering what it was for....So I pushed the button, immediately finding out it was an assault alarm - the bells were ringing loud in every room in the clinic, haha! Scared the hell out of our cleaning lady btw, she almost had a heart attack! ;)


  3. Tracey5:44 PM

    Lets see... here are my tips....

    They sell this thingy called an embossing buddy, you rub it over your paper before you stamp the image and it de-statics the paper. I *think* it is just baking powder (or soda?) but I'm sure someone somewhere around the net would know for sure.

    Another thing you can do is use a little brush (like a cheap water coloring brush) to dust the stray powder off before you turn the gun on.

    However if the problem is that the gun itself is actually causing the stray powder to fly away try heating the card stock from underneath to melt it or even just to "tack" it down and then finish it off from on top.

    Good practice: remember to cover your open stamp pad and move your inky stamp away before you start pouring embossing powder. Getting EP on your stamp pad or stamp can be annoying.

    Always emboss with clean scrap paper under you so that you can put the excess back in the jar.

    Practice safe embossing... embossing powder is basically ground up plastic with colorant in it so try not to inhale it on purpose as inhaling plastics while probably not going to kill you isn't exactly good for you either.

    Ok, thats all I got :O)

    oh and that is AWESOME! Love your godzilla. Clever little chickie you are :O)

  4. Very cool! LOVE your godzilla.

  5. Adorable scene you've created here!! Your coloring is fantastic!!

  6. Great card, I agree with Rose Ann - your coloring is really amazing! Love all your new stamps btw, gotta have them!

  7. I pretty much emboss EVERY image! haha. keep trying, you'll get the hang of it!