Wednesday, September 30, 2009

October already?

I feel like I'm always dusting the cobwebs off of my blog, but at least it's appropriate tonight since I made some Halloween cards!

First up is the vampire boy from the DoodleFactory Costume Party set, flanked by his two bat friends from last year's Halloween II set. Can someone tell me why red is so impossible to photograph, and don't even get me started on glitter. You can't even tell my Batboy and friends are sparkly. Oh, sparkly vampires - that Twilight audiobook my carpool buddy borrowed for the commute must be getting to me.

The next card uses the three pumpkins, also from the Halloween II set. I kind of struggled with the composition of this one, before adding the ribbon and text. I think I still need to work on my finishing, but I'm feeling okay with the final outcome.


  1. Cool, I get to comment first!
    First of all GREAT cards! I love the bats and the red is so strong! I didn't know you could make a halloween card without green, orange and purple LOL. Glad to see you are putting the dot sparklers to use.

    My best tip for trying to catch the sparkle would be to wait until you have some sunlight then prop your card up on an angle until you actually see the sparkle, then shoot it. Sometimes that will work :o)

    Glad to see you are using your stamps!

  2. Great cards, both of them! The ribbon is great on the pumpkin one! ♥

  3. Hey there! Come on over and see fishing Fargo. It looks like you made him for this purpose, did you? :)