Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Normal is Boring

Three years ago, I made some christmas cards using my friend's gocco machine. I believe it was that same year that my boyfriend gifted me my own Gocco machine for Christmas.

Shortly after that, Gocco was rumored to be discontinued and I decided I couldn't possibly use such a rare resource, so it sat in my closet perfectly untouched for years. This weekend, I finally decided to get the machine out, hoping to make a few little art prints. Suffice it to say, my results were less than satisfactory and I (literally) blew half the screens and bulbs that were supplied. *sigh*

I don't have my final gocco scans to share, but here are some digitized versions of the images I was trying to play with.

A little back-story on this piece. When the DoodleFactory first moved to Starving Artistamps, and I became aware of stamping communities, I would often see comments on message-boards that the DoodleFactory characters were too weird for stampers. I felt like my odd little creatures (my kids!) were being shunned by society. I made myself feel better by repeating my own mantra "Normal is Boring", and Tracey even promised to make that sentiment into a stamp some day.

Since then, I think I've (mostly) toned down the whack-factor in my drawings, or people have become more accepting, or I've just tuned that stuff out. I was going to put the following little guy into the next stamp release as an abominable snowman, but my boyfriend informed me that he didn't look like BigFoot at all. I'm sure he'll be worked into a future set some day, but I couldn't wait the many months before that would happen to share him. Consider this a SUPER Sneak Peek!


  1. Big Foot or not, I just LOVE that little guy! Please make him into one of my beloved rubber treasures. And don't be too careful with the whack-factor in the future, there is no such thing as too weird. As you said - normal is boring. Oh, I wish I had your talent...

  2. I've never heard of that machine, but I love your ideas!

  3. Normal IS boring and i NEED the little monster - how bout u name him Gocco???


  4. LOL, he is sooo cute! He would fit in well on a creatures II set don't you think? *wink*

    Oh and hey, I made you a normal is boring stamp! It just came back from the plate maker. It's on the circus clown sentiment set! I will load it to the website soon.

  5. I adore your little not-so-Bigfoot'ish monster!! I need him, and I see Lydia needs him too!
    T - turn him into a stamp asap, please!

    About that, I just recieved a thick letter from T with some secrets inside, and I absolutely L.O.V.E it all! You are a true genious(and sorry if I keep repeating myself).


  6. Hey! He is kinda cute! Whether he's the toddler tyrant or the bossy tyrant or the man (animal) of our dreams : )

  7. I just LOVE the new stamps - they are all gorgeous! Thanks so much for naming them after me, I'm so happy and proud about that! The hop was great fun, I'm sorry you couldn't make it this time.

  8. ooh...Although I am not into the horoscope...haha..that LOOKS like Taurus. You could do a horoscope line!!! oooh...And a leo, that's me...would really really awesome, right? haha

  9. We (my friend and I) LOVE your stuff.....ignore the haters! LOL