Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Seeing Snow in Hawaii

I know I have a tendency of abandoning my blog and disappearing for weeks, but this time I have a legitimate excuse! My sister is getting married and I'd been busy creating and designing the menus, gift tags and printed items for the event this weekend. I flew to Hawaii (our hometown) last Friday and it's been non-stop wedding prep since my best friend is also my sister's wedding planner and we're doing a lot of this DIY-style.

I did manage to borrow my sister's computer tonight so I could catch up on emails AND get a glimpse of the blog hop for the latest Starving Artistamps release, DoodleFactory: Arctic. I'm really sorry I couldn't participate this time around, but it was so much fun seeing the design team's creations. It's especially funny to me since I'm at the "polar" opposite in terms of weather here in Hawaii.

Sorry, I'm too late to give you a heads-up on the chance to win this set for free, but I think everyone should still check out the hop and see the awesome cards the Design Team created with this set. I hope none of the ladies mind that I'm going to repost my favorite card from each stop (Please click on their blog links to see the rest of their creations).

Juliana Swanson:

Donna Duquette:

Lori Tecler:

Lydia Fiedler:

Tracey Berkey:

Jenn McMillan:

Eva Andren:* *(By the way, Eva emailed me many months ago with the initial idea for this set which is why we named the little girl eskimo after her. You can also tell the girl eskimo must be my favorite stamp since I picked it in almost every feature card here!)

Nina Aaslund:

Dawn Mercedes:


  1. What a great recap! It's interesting to see that some of your favorites are also my favorites :o) Enjoy Hawaii!!

  2. I agree with Tracey - great recap! I'd LOVE to see all the DIY you've made for the wedding...and I'd love to see pictures of you and your sister too. I'm sure she is as beautiful as you are.

    Hope you're enjoying your stay in Hawaii. Here in Copenhagen it's snow yet, but this morning I had to scrape night frost off the windows on my car. Probably quite a contrast to your weather, right? :)

    Take care!