Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Thing About Me

One not-so-secret secret about me is that I tend to "misplace" things. A Lot. To the point where I'm convinced there are mischievous elves that follow me around for the sole purpose of hiding my stuff. But it probably goes back to my utter lack of organization.

This week I lost a lens cap (the second one I've lost already), and my practically-new book of postage stamps that Michael kindly bought for me. I'm very frustrated because I have no one to blame but myself. I also have things to mail, but now I can't!! Plus, my camera lens doesn't like being naked.


What are your bad habits that drive you mad?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's Good To Be Me

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a stamp designer is seeing the cards and creations others have made with my drawings. I've found that the only thing that tops seeing a card in the blogosphere is having one in my very hands. This month, my mailbox has been gifted with several sweet surprises and wonderful creations from some people I'm so glad to have come to know through this internet/stamping community.

Last night I was completely caught off guard by the arrival of these incredible cards by Eva Andren. Eva is one of my favorite stampers from Sweden and I'm so lucky that she's adopted the DoodleFactory into her work.

A few weeks ago, I was also the lucky recipient of the most thoughtful and jam-packed craft-package sent by design team member extraordinaire, Donna Baker. Not only did Donna send me one of her perfectly-made cards with a sweet note, but she instantly doubled (tripled?) my stash of ribbon and sent me a bunch of those fun flowers I've been eyeballing everywhere.

And working backwards to the beginning of the month, came a super-fun card from the newest design team recruit, Kathy Daume. Photos of this card do not give it justice. When I first held this card in my hands, I just kept staring at it, completely mesmerized, and I'm not even kidding! I don't know how anyone could not appreciate the wonder that comes in a hand-made card.

Thank you again to everyone who makes this drawing "hobby" of mine so satisfying, and thank you for sharing your creations which are all an inspiration for my own card-making. Yes, I'm stealing all of your ideas and techniques!

PS, I don't know why blogger auto-formatted my pictures to make them so small, but you can click on them to make em bigger if you want a closer look at anything.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I Won Something!

Phew, I spent the whole day cleaning (okay minus that hour around 5pm where I crashed on the couch and took a nap). I think I've vacuumed enough dust bunnies to create a 3rd AND 4th cat, if only I could work some animagic.

Anyway, the point is, I'm done with chores for today and was just sitting down to check my blog reader, and found that I'm the winner of the January Landscape challenge on the ScrapAddicted Blog!!. This is the first "judged" thing I've won with one of my cards and I'm super excited.

You can see all the contributions in this post. Mine was the Robots in Space card just a few posts down in my blog. I certainly got a bunch of mileage out of that card since it also became my Valentine card to Michael.

Speaking of Michael, here's a neat time-lapse video of him making a recent commission made entirely of masking tape:

Ta-Dah! (Well, Not Quite Yet)

Sorry for the disappearing act, folks. I was caught up in the nitty gritty details of the next set (sure to be seen on the Starving Artistamps Blog soon, if I know Tracey). Here's how this last set went:

(2 Weeks Ago)
Tracey: I need you to draw X,Y & Z - Can you do it in 10-14 days?
Irene: No problemo!
(One week later)
Irene: *sketch*sketch*sketch*sketch* x 10,000 (sends Tracey 3 sketches)
Tracey: Those are awesome!
Irene: *crumple* (that's delete in the analog world) *sketch* sketch* sketch*
(The next week)
Tracey: *ahem* Uh, hows it going? It's day 10!
Irene: *stalling* ohhh, It's going. I changed everything though.
Tracey: Nooooooooo! It was perfect the first time!

Ahh, sometimes I get caught up in trying to get a character 'just right', which is kind of silly because DoodleFactory is all about imperfection. I need to make a habit of drawing everyday so I don't lose my groove. I hadn't drawn anything since January and when my pencil first hit paper two weeks ago, it was like drawing with a lead hand (no pun on my mechanical pencil intended). My first few sketches after a long drawing drought are always comically bad. I should scan them in and show you some day, but I'd probably be too embarassed.

Now it's been two weeks since I've made a card and I've probably lost my mojo on that too. Maybe I need some time management classes. I was really excited to use some new goodies I bought from JoAnne's too. I went in armed with my 40% off coupon, aiming only to buy a paper-cutter so my cards could finally have 90 degree angles. But then the whole freaking store was 40% off and I was a goner.

I have to say, Copic Markers are my favorite "tool" for card-making, but Paper is what really gets me excited. Frankly, I don't think I even need to use the paper, I just like to have it. I get a little tingle browsing paper designs online or at a store, and my heart goes a-flutter when I bring a new pack home. My latest purchase is the DCWV "Green Stack". It's 70% recycled and 100% adorable. I can't wait to load some DF characters onto these, but it'll have to be another day since we're supposed to do a spring cleaning of the apartment :(.

So which crafting materials/tools are your must-haves and cant-live-withouts?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine Teaser

I haven't made anything new to share, but here's a picture of my boyfriend's valentine gift (to me). He wrapped it himself with some of my basic grey papers. I'm not allowed to open it until tomorrow even though I tried to argue that it's already Valentine's day in some parts of the world.

Hope you all have a sweet day. I'm working on new drawings for the next set and hope to make more cards soon.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Set The Scene" Winner

Wow, there's nothing like giving away free stuff to make you feel like the most popular girl on the blo(g)ck. Without further ado, the winner of the "Set the Scene" stamps chosen by random#selection (with the help of my boyfriend) is...*drumroll*...


Thanks to everyone who participated in our first blog hop. I really enjoyed seeing all the reveals for this special release all at once and I hope you all did too!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Last Stop on the SADF Blog Hop

If you ambled onto this page completely on your own accord, you've caught me in the middle (er, the end, actually) of the very first Starving Artistamps/Doodle Factory Blog Hop! Quick, don't look down and click on Juliana Swanson's blog to start the fun from the very beginning.

For those of you hopped over from Leigh O'Brien's blog, you've reached the end of the road, and you know what that means*. But first, I'd like to share my creations with the newest Doodle Factory Stamps. Allow me to "Set The Scene"...

Tracey came up with this idea sometime last year. She wanted to give the Doodle Factory characters scenes to play in, and I have to admit I was uncertain about drawing and then stamping these images since they were so different from anything I'd done previously. I waited until the last minute to finish my cards, but I'm actually thrilled with the outcome and had a great time putting these together.

There are FOUR scenes total. The first one I inked was the "Jungle", and here's the final card:

Once I colored in the background, I decided to ink up a few characters from the Great Outdoors set. I'm pretty sure bears don't live in the jungle, so I decided to color him in camouflage green and have him hiding out behind one of the ferns (I inked just a small section from the jungle stamp and cut it out for Yoris to hold). I originally wanted the card to say "Where Have You Been Hiding?", but I found the "Feeling A Little Lost?" in the Outdoor Sentiment set instead. As a final touch, I used some flower soft in the grassy area. [Close-Up Here].

Honestly, I didn't think I was going to finish a second card, but I had to give another one a try. This time I used the "CountrySide" scene featuring "Fern" (the doe) who is also from the Great Outdoors set.


I cheated on the sentiment - I added it in digitally because I messed up my hand-written attempt. I'm sure you'll forgive me, especially since I'm going to be giving away what you've all been waiting for....

Drawing closed - will post a winner on Tuesday*BLOG CANDY!!!!,

Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win ALL FOUR NEW SCENES (plus two bonus pigeons - they go with the city). One entry per person, drawing closes MIDNIGHT (PST) Monday the 9th. Make sure to get some shopping in at because you'll want to get more Doodle Factory characters to put in these scenes ;) Tell your friends!

And finally, make sure you check out the other DT members if you haven't already so you can see all of these in action. Here's a quicklist of all the other players:

Juliana Swanson
Lisa Somerville
Donna Baker
Donna Duquette
Kathy Daume
Lori Tecler
Lydia Fiedler
Andrea Cloutier
Natasha Trupp
Heidi Kingery
Leigh O'Brien

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Sorry for the lack of updates! Mike and I joined some friends in Vegas for a few days last week. I won at the Wynn and lost everywhere else, but I think I only left $100 to the casinos after all was said and done. [What I left to the malls and restaurants is another thing].

The highlight of the trip for me was the Beatles-inspired Cirque Du Soleil show "Love", at the Mirage. I loved Love, and so did Mike, but it made my friend sick :( If you haven't seen a Cirque show in Vegas, it's well worth the money. My favorite is still "O", but this show didn't disappoint.

I haven't been able to make any cards since I've returned, but the next one I create will certainly show up in Starving Artistamp's first ever blog hop coming THIS SATURDAY. The new release will be unlike any Doodle Factory stamps drawn before. And of course there will be some candy hidden along the way.