Friday, March 26, 2010

Digi Doodles

About a month ago, my boyfriend bought me this fabulous wacom BAMBOO pen tablet. He thought it would help with my doodles, and maybe save the time in the 3 step process of sketching on paper, scanning, then digitizing.

I have to admit, I mostly used the pen tablet this month to digitally sign the PDF contracts of my freelance jobs (though that use alone has made this an invaluable little gadget!)

Recently, I fired up my Adobe Illustrator program and gave the pen a whirl. I used to have an older, much cheaper version of the pen tablet, and it was pretty much useless. Drawing with this is a much more pleasant experience, though I haven't quite mastered it yet.

There are a lot of ways you can customize the sensitivity, smoothness, shape and size of the brushes you're working with in Illustrator, and I'm sure it's only a matter of time before I find the perfect settings that work for me. Who knows if I'll ever trade in sketching with a pencil for a fully digitized work flow, but it's definitely fun to make these little digi-doodles for no particular reason.


  1. Adorable doodles! The little ladybug is very cute!

  2. Oh, I love these funky're the BEST!

    When speaking of doodles - I got to say I really enjoy creating with your new, crazy and AWESOME creatures II. Can't wait to show you my cards! :)

    Have a nice Sunday!

  3. I must have missed this post before. These are so cute and look like a whole lot of fun to make!