Saturday, May 08, 2010

I Wonder if This Will Give Me Superpowers

I'm really terrible at updating this blog with any regularity. In part, it's because whenever I'm working on DF stuff, it's shrouded in secrecy. By that time a release comes out, it's been a few weeks or months since I last made those drawings and I've already moved on to the next secret thing I can't talk about.

I just turned in the latest set, which is something Tracey has been asking me to draw for ages. It's something new*ish, and sort of unlike anything I've drawn for Starving Artistamps before, but nothing crazy or out there as far as the stamping world is concerned. I'm not sure when this set will release, so I'll distract you from asking me any questions I can't answer with this picture of my lunch yesterday.

I have come to the conclusion that I will never be able to brag about my culinary skills. There are a few meals I can make without destroying, but I'm no Martha in the kitchen. On the other hand, ever since I bought this amazing and affordable little blender, I've discovered a penchant for smoothie making. What could be easier than throwing a bunch of ingredients in a little machine and pressing a button that pulverizes it all together? Plus, look how pretty:


  1. Mmm.. looks tasty! I love the little bunny helping himself to your lunch, and I can't wait to see the new images!!

  2. Well isn't that just the prettiest little smoothie! Even your lunch is creative!
    Was it as good as it looks? The strawberries are such a happy little garnish.

  3. Ooh, that looks soo yummy! I love the tap and that little hungry thing.
    Ok, are we already in for Creatures III? ;) I wish you hadn't said, now I'm so terribly curious. A sneak peek.....? :P

  4. tantalizing...and I'm not talking about the food! haha