Tuesday, August 03, 2010

DoodleFactory Birthday!

Ever wonder what it would be like to have the DoodleFactory gang show up at your birthday? Last month, Crissy Page of dearcrissy.com hired me to design the invitations and cake decorations for her son Evan's first birthday. His party was this past weekend, and I was thrilled to have my creatures at this milestone event.

I custom designed the invitation, but Crissy had them professionally printed and the final product was phenomenal. The colors were just as vibrant in real life as on the screen, and the rounded edges and watercolor stock added a nice touch. Here, I've photographed the invite with two sculpey characters I made as cake toppers. These two weren't the final ones - I'd never used sculpey in this way before, so there was a bit of a learning curve.

Here's Crissy's photo of the actual toppers that made it on the cake:

This is where Crissy went all out. I designed some character buttons that she printed, then painstakingly cut out and assembled on what looks to be about 1000 cupcakes:
Evan's cupcakes, originally uploaded by dear crissy.

The Tower de Cupcake:

See more of Crissy's party photos on her blog. You'll probably want to poke around and add her to your favorites. Her site is always filled with gorgeous eye-candy (she's a professional photographer) and lots of great giveaways.


  1. Just amazing! What a lucky little dude.

  2. OMG...I thought the invitation was the cutest thing ever until I saw the cake and then...the cupcakes made me hyperventilate!!!

  3. So awesome!! You are so darn fabulous.

    Maybe you should have loaned her a circle punch? LOL

  4. Wow Irene, these are the cutest party invitations and cake decorations EVER! You rock my socks, and I'm in awe every time I see something new from you... Dang, you are so TALENTED!

  5. How do I get these or something similar?!?! My baby's birthday is Monster Themed!!!!!! LOVE THIS

  6. Yep, you really are the BEST!! Too bad the little birthday guy is too young to realize how amazing this stuff is but I'm sure he will when he gets older and sees the pictures. I wonder what his second birthday party will look like...;o)

    You are sooo talented, Irene - amazing! ♥

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