Tuesday, November 16, 2010

DoodleFeltery...or DoodleFeltory?

I've made another needle-felted DoodleFactory character! Head over to my other blog to see the in-progress photos of this guy coming together (wordpress lets you make neat slideshows, but it shrinks the photos...I have to figure out a better way to share an abundance of images in one post).


  1. I love Zombie Cat!!! Awesome.

    I vote for Doodle Feltory. Not sure I have a vote - but if I do...there it is.


  2. LOL that is just so cute! You are slowly building a creature army :o) I need to try my hand at felting it looks like such fun. My friend and her daughter does some felting and I always say I will give it a try but still haven't tracked down the supplies yet!

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