Saturday, January 16, 2010


Time for a personal update!

Quite a bit has happened since I last posted. 2010 got off to a rough start with my very first traffic ticket earlier this month. I failed to make a complete stop before turning right at an intersection, and despite being nicknamed a "California Stop", it's illegal to do, even in LA! One expensive lesson learned.

The other lesson I'm currently in the midst of learning is that one can never be too secure in anything. The short story is that I lost my job at the company I've been with for almost 9 years. Even though there were whispers of layoffs circulating, I was still caught off guard on Thursday when I received notice that they were eliminating the Graphics positions in our department. Thursday was a really tough day, but I've already brushed myself off and I'm looking forward to the next phase in life.

I know that losing my job had nothing to do with my performance and it's actually been a great boost to my ego to know that my boss and coworkers were just as shocked and upset about the "change" as I was. I had so many supportive emails and messages from everyone I worked and I have many people looking out for me, and the potential for freelance work with the company to come. Financially, I think I will be fine. Personally, I only see this as a great opportunity for growth and a new direction in life.

I'm going to end this with a little photo-documentary of a hike my boyfriend and I did two Sundays ago. It was a six-mile loop to the Parker Mesa overlook and you can see from the photo below that "getting there" was quite a challenge to me. I'm not the most athletically inclined person, and I was willing to give up several times along the way, but my boyfriend made sure to coax me on to the top, which was completely worth it.

After the hike, we both felt great about spending time in the beautiful outdoors and vowed to do something away from our apartment every weekend. So far we've kept to that promise with a bike ride to the beach last week, and a group bike ride touring some community gardens in a nearby neighborhood today.


And for those of you who actually come here for DoodleFactory news, there has been a new set release in the shop. Those of you who liked last year's Classic Decor furniture set should definitely give the new DoodleFactory Boudoir a look.