Tuesday, August 03, 2010

DoodleFactory Birthday!

Ever wonder what it would be like to have the DoodleFactory gang show up at your birthday? Last month, Crissy Page of dearcrissy.com hired me to design the invitations and cake decorations for her son Evan's first birthday. His party was this past weekend, and I was thrilled to have my creatures at this milestone event.

I custom designed the invitation, but Crissy had them professionally printed and the final product was phenomenal. The colors were just as vibrant in real life as on the screen, and the rounded edges and watercolor stock added a nice touch. Here, I've photographed the invite with two sculpey characters I made as cake toppers. These two weren't the final ones - I'd never used sculpey in this way before, so there was a bit of a learning curve.

Here's Crissy's photo of the actual toppers that made it on the cake:

This is where Crissy went all out. I designed some character buttons that she printed, then painstakingly cut out and assembled on what looks to be about 1000 cupcakes:
Evan's cupcakes, originally uploaded by dear crissy.

The Tower de Cupcake:

See more of Crissy's party photos on her blog. You'll probably want to poke around and add her to your favorites. Her site is always filled with gorgeous eye-candy (she's a professional photographer) and lots of great giveaways.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Sitting Pretty

See the post below for my rambling ruminations on the latest DoodleFactory® release to debut at StarvingArtistamps.com. By now, you can see the entire set at the shop, and even partake in the 3-Day sale going on. I only have two examples to share so far, but you should check out the design team's creations on the StarvingArtistamps blog.

As I mentioned earlier, coloring in people is a ton of fun. In fact, I spent so much time coloring the characters [I have about 5 others already inked up] that I ran out of time on the actual card-making process. All of the characters in these [two] sets are drawn in a seated position. They're made to coordinate with other sets like the DF Boudoir and DF Classic Decor, but as you see below, they can work entirely on their own as well.

First up is "Penny" from the Sophisticates: Take a Seat set. The Sophisticates are kind of the evolution between the DoodleFactory Grace Girls and the limited number of people I've ever drawn before on the DF line. The set of buildings in the background of this card is the DoodleFactory Neighborhood.

Next is "Daphne", who is probably my favorite character because I wish I could pin up my hair in curls like that. She's kind of a nymph and when I was rooting around for ideas, I pulled out my FlowerSoft snow globes that Tracey had sent me a few months ago. When I paired the image and globe with some flowers, I instantly thought of an iconic scene from a movie a few years ago. 50 imaginary points to the person who guesses what scene I'm thinking of. The fur is incidental - I threw it on the top of the card as an easy way to embellish the front, but the flowers [in red] are key. I even had to color a bunch of the flowers myself with my red copic pen since I didn't have enough in my supply.

That's it for now. I didn't get a chance to show you any of the images from the "Cutie Kids" set, so here's a look at everything you can find in these two sets. Make sure you stop by the shop to take advantage of the 3-Day 15% Off Sale and check out the SA blog to see more samples!