Thursday, September 02, 2010

DF Ghoulies

I just wrapped up a couple of Halloween sets, and since time is ticking, Tracey's already posted them to the shop.

This year, we wonked (no, that's not a word) up the DF style even further, and here's what came of it:

For those of you who aren't into creepy cartoons, I've also done a small set of good old gourds n' pumpkins for the autumn season.

Speaking of autumn, I'd really love to see the change in seasons this year. I'm actually leaving on a 9-Day trip to Hawaii today, but when I get back, I want to start planning a road trip that will take me to see some vibrant fall foliage. Any west-coasters out there that can point out areas where the leaves get nice and festive. When does that even happen? My entire life of living in static climates has severely dampened my knowledge of the seasons.