Monday, August 01, 2011

August Break: Day 1

I'm going to breathe some life into this blog for the next 31 days (hopefully) by participating in Susannah Conway's August Break. The goal is to post a photo (or more) every day this month. Simple! Let's see how it goes.

Today's photo comes from the vet office where I had to take my cat Toby in for some sniffle-fighting antibiotics. He's been a sneezy cat his entire life, but lately its been bad enough to need professional intervention.

Anyway - while I was in the waiting room, I was dying to take a photo of the on-staff counter kitty - a big, white, grumpy-looking Persian. I hesitated for a minute since I was in a place of business, but fired off two quick shots when the cat stood up and proceeded to sneeze enthusiastically all over the counter and the clipboard he was sitting on. It was pretty funny.


  1. What a great picture! How can you not laugh when seeing this?

  2. goodness me, what a grumpy face! :)