Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bendable Poseable

I know I should be using my free time to make more DoodleFactory drawings, but I've been all about felties lately. I think since most of my work exists in a 2-Dimensional and often digital-only world, it's nice to do something off the computer that results in a tangible object.

Here's the latest member of the DoodleFeltery. Mike calls him "Brutus". He's about 3" and his limbs and tail are bendable thanks to some floral wire buried beneath the wool. I didn't model him after any characters I've drawn in the past. I just started felting and let him take his own shape.

Napkin drawing by Mike - he helped figure out what kind of face to give this guy.

I went to Mike's art studio the night I finished. That's some of Mike's tape art, out of focus and in the background of this photo.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Travel Monkey visits Big Bear

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. I had a very good Christmas and a memorable New Year.

The end of 2010 brought a lot of new graphic design work my way and I've never been busier (or more stressed out). I'm not complaining though - I'm very glad to be generating new business, but I was still very relieved to have some time off between Christmas and New Year's.

We rang in the New Year at a cabin in Big Bear with a group of friends. I had such a great time eating lots of excellent home-made meals and desserts, playing boardgames and having fun in the snow.

Speaking of fun in the snow, some of you may recall the little feltie I made last year. A few months ago, I snuck him onto my boyfriend's pack when he did a bike tour down the central coast of California. My boyfriend returned the favor when he tucked him into my bags when I visited Hawaii. We gave him the uncreative yet apt name: "Travel Monkey", and the sneaky bugger managed to visit Big Bear without me even knowing. My boyfriend snuck outside to capture his day in the snow and I had no clue until we were going over photos later.

(click for bigger)

Original photos by Mike, "vintage" manipulation by me, with supplies by Kitschy Digitals