Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mexico, Part Dos

When I told people I was going to Mexico to attend a workshop, almost everyone warned me to "be careful" and some (my dad) implored me to reconsider. Mexico has an unfortunate reputation, which I'm sure is well-deserved in some parts, but my visit really opened my eyes to a beautiful country where I never once felt threatened or in danger.

The towns I visited (Queretaro and San Miguel Allende) were full of charm and color - truly a feast for the eyes!

queretaro059 queretaro062
queretaro060 queretaro061
queretaro058 queretaro068 queretaro076

Monday, February 14, 2011

ACE Camp - Queretaro, Mexico

I'm fatigued by the idea of encapsulating my experience in Mexico in words, so I'm going to rely mainly on photos to say most of it for me. I would like to say the trip was worth every penny and anyone contemplating an art adventure would be well taken care of at one of Angela Ritchie's ACE Camps.

The workshop I attended was taught by Geninne Zlatkis in Queretaro, Mexico. Geninne was such a gracious hostess and teacher - she opened her beautiful home and studio to us, and it was so much fun creating in those inspiring surroundings along with 13 other women from various parts of the world.

We had four workshop days where we learned hand-carved stamps, watercolor, collage and journalling techniques. Here's a peek at just a few of the things I made:



Coming from the stamping world from a different angle, it was interesting to carve my own stamps. Geninne uses Staedler Mastercarve blocks as the base for her stamps and we all carved with linocutting tools. I accidentally bought the Speedball Carving blocks which are a lot thinner, and closer to the consistency of carving into a rubber eraser. Either one works, depending on your preference.

I hope to try stamp carving again sometime, as well as watercolors, which I did not really enjoy (at the time) simply because I'm a novice and wanted to be perfect without having put in the practice. I suppose one of the best lessons learned is that talent is important, but dedication and doing is even more crucial to creating exemplary art.


At the culmination of the workshop, we had a little "show" with everyone's pieces posted. I'm a bad photojournalist and don't have images of everything, but here are a few things from the finale.



Those of you on my flickr and facebook pages will have seen the entire grouping of photographs. I won't be posting all 87 here, but I will share more photos of Queretaro and the neighboring town of San Miguel in the next few days.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Flying Away...

I can't remember if I mentioned it or not, but in just a few days, I will be getting on a plane to Queretaro, Mexico to attend a workshop hosted by Angela Ritchie's ACE Camps and taught by an art hero of mine, Geninne Zlatkis.

I'm so excited to learn from someone I've admired online, and experience it all in a different country. I haven't picked up a drawing pencil in ages (boy am I going to be rusty when learning watercolor and journaling techniques), but I was inspired by Geninne's work to create this little felted bird. Either I'm getting slightly faster, or birds are just easier to make. I finished this guy in just a few hours in between design jobs yesterday.