Thursday, June 30, 2011

Il Volo

I keep thinking I want to revisit and revamp this blog, but then I get busy or distracted, and the next thing you know, an entire season has rolled by since my last post.

I'm still working as a freelance designer and thankfully, jobs has been steady. There are a lot of awesome advantages to being self-employed, but I'm more mentally and creatively drained than ever. Being creative outside of work just feels like more work. I think I did the most doodling/artistic projects a decade ago when I had a very uninteresting desk job.

Anyway, here's a little bit of work that turned into play. I was asked to make some cartoon characters based on an Italian Opera-singing trio of young guys. They would have been used on promotional materials, but the plan never got the green light. I did the drawings anyway and was happy with the way it turned out, especially after adding some color and texture in Photoshop.

For the record, these guys are supposed to be these guys.