Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Monster Love

Did you all have a great Valentine's Day? I'm a super lucky girl with a super sweet guy who doesn't skimp at Valentine's even after many years together. Yesterday I was surprised with flowers delivered to my office (he is very involved in choosing very specific and customized arrangements - no mass-produced Telafloral assembly-flowers). I was also chauffered home, taken to dinner at my favorite neighborhood restaurant, and given a handmade card, plus tickets to a Cirque Du Soleil show that's in town (to be redeemed tomorrow night!).

My gift to him was far less expensive and extravagant, but it was definitely made with love:

This is the first felted keychain I've ever made, and I told my boyfriend he'd be the guinea pig to test this prototype. I've had people tell me I should sell the felties I make, but they're usually so time-consuming that I prefer to keep them or give them away to special friends. It was definitely a lot quicker to felt this smaller sized creature, so if it withstands the rough-and-tumble abuse of being a keychain, I might actually make a few more and post them on etsy [some day].

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Hello, Old Friends

I'm sure this blog has been retired from anyone's radar, but I have a bit of news to share anyway.

The DoodleFactory is returning from dormancy with an upcoming stamp release at StarvingArtistamps. I can't reveal the set yet, but here's a little clue of what you might see on the new plate. After I finished my drawings, I dug out my wool and barbed needles to make this guy inspired by one of the characters. I've been really busy lately earning a living/doing the freelance thing, so it was fun making something for the sake of creating something new.